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Flamingo Park Wildlife Encounter

This page provides a summary of basic information for this animal park as at 29/03/2008. To check for up to date information and full details please visit the official website at :

Flamingo Park Wildlife Encounter


Name Flamingo Park Wildlife Encounter

Flamingo Park, Wildlife Encounter, Springvale, Seaview, Isle of Wight, PO34 5AP

Telephone number:

Fax Number

E-mail address

01983 612153

01983 613465


How to Get There For directions go to Mapquest and type in the postcode of the zoo.


Opening Hours

April 1st to October 31st
10.00am to 5.00pm
Last Admission 4pm



  • Pets corner
  • Gift shop
  • Free large car & coach park
  • Most bank & credit cards accepted



  • 'Cascade Room' Cafe/ Restaurant provides light meals and refreshments



  • Baby-changing in male & female toilets



  • Full access and facilities for the disabled - male & female disabled toilets



  • Visitors are encouraged to feed the following animals: Humboldt Penguins, Macaws and Parrots, Koi and Giant Mirror Carp.
  • Visitors can also feed the domestic and exotic waterfowl roaming completely free and tame enough to feed by hand.
  • Feeding times of following can be seen below but are subject to change: Pelicans, Penguins, Macaw & Parrots, Mirror Carp, Koi Carp, Beavers and animals in the Pets Corner.
  • Bird food to feed the ducks, geese and swans only is available at the entrance and the shop.



Rainbow experience- a free flying bird display

Other Attractions

  • Very good education programme linked with the National Curriculum.


Additional Costs  

Stictly no dogs allowed

Number Of Species

Number of animals

  Number of Species Number of Specimens



Annual number of visitors Number of staff Area in acres Association memberships Proprietor

  3 full time staff including livestock manager and gardener

  10 acres has a further adjoining 10 acres which may be opened to the public at a later date.






  Your Day at Flamingo Park
10.00am Park opens.
11.00am Pelican feeding
11.30am Penguin feeding. Hands-on-feed
12.00am Macaw & Parrott feeding
12.30pm Mirror carp feeding
2.00pm Koi carp feeding
2.30pm Pets corner feeding -Meet the Animals
3.00pm Beaver feeding
3.30pm Penguin Feeding
4.00pm Pelican feeding
4.00pm Last admission to the park
5.00pm Park closes


We have a daily programme of events called "Wildlife Face to Face" which includes Hands-On Feeding (duck food available 40p a bag, but all other foodstuffs provided free) and entertaining informative presentations.   


Information provided by Lucy Perry who works at Flamingo Park.

Flamingo Park is a private business and was opened 30 years ago by the owners - Mr & Mrs Adams.  (Their son and daughter are now partners too).  They employ 3 permanant staff (me, a livestock manager and a gardener) and approx 10 seasonal workers, not including the cafe which is a concession.

It's very hard to give exact (or even rough!) numbers of livestock as many of our "residents" are in fact visitors who choose to stay.  There are at least 100 species at any one time, about 2000 specimens, not including the migrant flock of Barnacle Geese which number about 500 and turn up to raise their goslings and eat our food every year! We have mainly birds (it was originally a bird park and has only recently diversified to become a wildlife park).  A few of the main species with approx numbers: Flamingos - Chilean, Lesser, Caribbean - 130 Humboldt Penguins - 25 Macaws - Green-winged, Blue/Gold, Scarlet - 12 African Greys - 10 Amazon Parrots (various) - 20 Cockatoos - Sulphur-crested and Moluccan - 6 Pelicans - Pink-backed - just 2 but more expected soon Owls - Magellan's, Euro Eagle, Barn, Marsh, Snowy - mostly pairs Also - Toucans, Kookaburras, Cockatiels, Budgies, Finches, Pheasants, Cranes etc. plus hundreds of domestic and ornamental ducks, geese, swans.  Mostly roaming free. Mammals: Large Pets Corner with rabbits, guinea-pigs, chipmunks, chinchillas - approx 50 specimens, but mostly rabbits (being the way rabbits are!) Red Squirrels - 3 so far - new venture for us with a view to an official captive breeding programme aiming towards an eventual release programme. Canadian Beaver - 1 male - "desperately seeking Susan" (Do you know anywhere with a spare female?) Fish: Mirror Carp, Koi Carp, Cold water aquarium fish - approx 100    

We have a daily programme of events called "Wildlife Face to Face" which includes Hands-On Feeding (duck food available 40p a bag, but all other foodstuffs provided free) and entertaining informative presentations.   



This page provides summary information only to allow a consistent approach for entries in this website directory and aid comparison. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information or services offered and advise you to check details with the animal collection concerned.  


Last Updated 29/03/2008

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