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Falconry Scotland

(Formerly The Edinburgh Bird of Prey Centre)

This page provides a summary of basic information for this animal park as at 02/03/2008. To check for up to date information and full details please visit the official website at :

Falconry Scotland

Name Falconry Scotland

Jedforest Falconry, 4 Mervinslaw Farm Cottages, Jedburgh, TD8 6PL.

Telephone number:

Fax Number

E-mail address

 +44 (0)1835 840393   0044 (0) 1835840393 see website
How to Get There For directions go to Mapquest and type in the postcode of the zoo.


Opening Hours

Everyday except Christmas Day
9.30am to 5.30pm (summer)
closes one hour before dusk in winter
















Other Attractions

Additional Costs  

Number Of Species

Number of animals

  Number of Species Number of Specimens
Annual number of visitors Number of staff Area in acres Association memberships Proprietor




  Your Day In The Zoo



The following details have been provided by falconry Scotland on 1st March 2006.

We offer wide range  of  falconry activities available on a pre-booked basis;

Hawk walk 40 

An invigorating walk with one of our mischievous birds the Harris Hawk a chance to see the agility and brain of the Harris Hawk as swoops through the trees before gently landing on your gloved hand

No pervious experience required

Ultimate falconry Adventure  85  Duration 2 hours

The Experience begins with short presentation on the history of falconry. You will be introduced to our exceptional birds collection Before handling any of the birds, you will be fully Briefed on what the birds will be expecting from you, food and health, how to approach and lift the bird from its perch,, falconry equipment,

You will fly and handle various species of birds of prey including a Hawk, owl, buzzard, watch the breath taking speed of the falcon and handle the majestic eagle.

This is a hand on experience to fly our birds of prey yourself under supervision of professional falconers

No pervious experience required

Hunting Experience 95  Duration 4 hours

For over 4000 years birds of prey have been trained by humans  to pursue quarry to bring food to tabel  Notbale scots William Wallace and Marry Queen of scots are known to have been avid falconers

Take part of the sport of the kings  Discover these majestic creatures and watch the  fascinating relationship between man and birds of prey. Discover the skills required to handle the  masters  of the the sky. You will spend the day in the field hunting for quarry with our hawks. You will witness the hawk in flight, soaring, swooping, sends your heart racing as the hawk pursues her quarry. But it is not a spectator sport, it is a partnership-hawk and the handler in harmony, the hawks will fly at rabbit, hare and pheasant. A grand day out in the Scottish countryside

No pervious experience required

Ring Delivery 85 

Watch one of our beautiful and friendly birds of prey flies down the aisle with the wedding rings to the best man this service can be kept as a surprise and is sure to amaze your guests


This page provides summary information only to allow a consistent approach for entries in this website directory and aid comparison. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information or services offered and advise you to check details with the animal collection concerned.  


Last Updated 02/03/2008

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