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The Animalarium


This page provides a summary of basic information for this animal park as at 12th September 2000. To check for up to date information and full details please visit the official website at :

no website at current time


Name The Animalarium

Borth, near Aberystwyth, Wales

Telephone number:

Fax Number

E-mail address

01970 871 224

How to Get There For directions go to Mapquest and type in the postcode of the zoo.


Opening Hours

(Easter - October) 10.00am to 6.00pm

(Oct - Easter)       11.00am to 4.00pm



  • Toilets
  • Free car park
  • Shop (cuddly toys and souvenirs)


  • Cafe (light refreshments)
  • Picnic areas


  • Children's play areas


  •  Wheelchair friendly


  • Crocodiles
  • Piranha



  • Snake handling
  • Pony rides

Other Attractions

  • Petting barn
  • Lynx(new)
  • Bug Alley
  • Reptile house(new)
  • Meerkats(new)
  • Cotton-eared Marmosets(new)
Additional Costs Pony ride - 1.30
Restrictions No dogs

Number Of Species

Number of animals

  Number of Species Number of Specimens


Birds 30 125
Reptiles 16 37
Amphibians 5 19
Fish 5 24
Invertebrates 10 90
Totals 102 574
Annual number of visitors Number of staff Area in acres Association memberships Proprietor


  1 acre (at the moment)



J.Maidens and A.Mumbray



  Your Day In The Zoo
10.00am Animalarium opens (Easter - October)
11.00am Animalarium opens (Oct - Easter)
4.00pm Animalarium closes (Oct - Easter)
6.00pm Animalarium closes (Easter - October)


New for the year 2000 Drusillas have opened a 'Millennium Bugs' exhibition (invertebrates) and a saki & golden-headed lion tamarin enclosure. New for year 2001 new coati mundi enclosure with 3 coati mundi's.


This page was updated by the Animalarium on 24th May 2002.


This page provides summary information only to allow a consistent approach for entries in this website directory and aid comparison. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information or services offered and advise you to check details with the animal collection concerned.  



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